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Breed: TRD            
          Sex: Female              
      Age: 7 years        
           Chip: Yes                  
Place: Ostrava                     

 Unfortunately new home was not found for Dafne and owners decided for the saddest variant ... 

For family reasons, Dafne urgently looked for a new home. Daphne was almost 7 years old Thai ridgeback female. She loved walking, especially in the woods. She had hunting instinct. She loved heating in the sun. She loved playing.

Disliked: vacuum cleaner, Bath, be around more people, she hated be alone, very stressful is storm and gunshot wounds, She did not like other strange dogs (like most of Thais), Had strong hunting instincts, tryed to catch any mammals, birds was ok, She did nott like children, she instinctively avoided them, but if kids bothers her little longer, she was able to attack.