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Breed: TRD
    Sex: Male
                                                  Age: 8 years (* 22.11.2004 - 4.1.2013)
 Weight: 20 Kg   
  Tetoo / chip: Yes / Yes     
  Place: Upice  

We are sorry to tell you, that Candy left us on friday 4.1.2013 and crossed rainbow bridge.

Candy was 7 years old TRD with pedigree. From family reasons his current owner looked for a new home and a worthy new owner for him, who would have patient with him and would love him. He was a bit headstrong and a little frightened.

What they wrote about him

He was very affectionate, appreciative, hates loneliness, needs to be in the company of his family, He was very headstrong, to other dogs he reacted very angrily. He was very sensitive, to all of what he was scared reacts with growl. To the people he was very friendly and everyone who was a family´s friend, he also wanted to be friends with them. He was terrible eater, unguarded food was immediately in his stomach . He had some minor problems with the thyroid gland, which was visible on his body.