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Breed: TRD   
 Sex: Male
       Age: 4,5 years
Tetoo/ Chip: Yes / Yes     
Place: PDog Shelter U Šmudliny - Tachov (CZ)

Kato is temperamental and dominant 4,5 years old Thai ridgeback. Excellent for guarding of objects. Due to bad socialization and wrong choice of Katos´ training, he doesn´t like tactile contact from strangers. He does nothing to those who from the beginning will not enforce any attention and contact with him. If you will try a little bit hide your fear in front of him, so after a while he will begin to trust you and he will offer to you to caress him. When you will find the way to each other, he will follow you like an obedient dog. Kato know excellently basic commands and for goody he will do absolutely anything. When he get used to a new person, he is very friendly and kind. After he loves giving kisses to such a person. He likes running like a fool, he is hilarious, on walks he goes free withou leash (only on the meadows) and het's pretty cocker! He mostly ignored other foreign dogs. Driving in the car is also not a problem. Owner gave him to the shelter himself, another owners´ idea was euthanasia.

Kato is good for someone with more experienced, who is alone, without children, who is not afraid of dogs, with a great deal of patience and who will show to Kato who will Alpha at the home. Also it will be great new home without other dogs, although Kato terribly loves bitches and he has no problem with them, but for the proper socialization and adaptation in the new home Kato need owner, who will pay attention the most to him.

Below you will find photos and videos from our personal visit with Kato.
In less than two hours we (Me and Kato) were almost equivalent buddies and He gaves me lots of kisses.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Erik Vlcek

They wrote about him

Contact with Devil
(article in magazine "Psí Kusy" 10/2012)

It was around in mid-October when to our shelter owners put their dog, because they did not know what to do with him. They bought a beautiful dog with a pedigree, Thai Ridgeback. His pedigree name from perhaps warned in advance what he will be for "cur"... in the birth certificate became in black, thick font name KATO!!!!!!
The dog was a member of the family, was happy, but something in him broke ...
Kato became be very aggressive and repeatedly bitten their owners, the people for whom he should breathe, because such as the Thai Ridgeback is a loyal and dedicated!
His owner register him to kennel organisation to have a little bit of education, exams he passed perfectly. He was sent to re-education to canine psychologist, but without result. A couple of days as a lamb and attacked again, he didn´t knows limits.
Desperation made the owner to the limits. Go to make Kato sleeps and forever send him over "rainbow bridge" or put him behind bars to shelter. It wasn´t easy, but to do with such a dog if your life is in danger?
The owners chose our shelter and Kata brought from Prague.
Colleague Zdenek accepted the Dog to the shelter. Despite the fact that the dog was on a short leash, had muzzle, owner held him with all his strength, and he looked unpleasantly, Zdeněk walked around to Kato and touched him, the dog almost bit off his arm .. it was the moment when it flashed between them and our story will have maybe a happy ending :)
We stayed Kato in the first pen, the most beautiful, best painted with new color, but that is not already there, unfortunately, because that fierce animal gnawed bars so that one almost nothing left.
When we have enjoyed with him the first hours, We began to despairand we didn´t know how to clean him, take him for a walk ...
So we left Kato two days closed, to calm him down a bit. And two days after, we gave him a huge gift and it was our trust! We bribed him with biscuits (although he raged through the bars), we slowly pulled the latch, it rang to the ground, the pen opened and Kato had freedom. He ran around the shelter and when he had enough, he went back alone to pen.
When he stopped to invade us by himself through the bars, Zdenek thought that he would finally able to touch Kato. Well, it was lucky that he had a strong winter jacket, otherwise it would certainly have hurt all tendons. So he just got hit to fingers.
But Zdeněk did not give up and he really meant with that friendship seriously, so he gave him to the third time a chance and he work with him every day. Playing with a toy, a lot of reward, commands, play catch-up, he had worked up to caress his dreams!
Sometimes it seemed that kati is still the boss, he knocked him to the ground and growled into his face, but he really did not give up that  friendship, if they were equal as men, they could brought by theirs hands and went to sit somewhere surely together. So these two take the lead and go out for walk.
It was worth it ... days full of nerves and effort and we are very pleased,that we did not let him go over that "rainbow bridge", It is place for old and sick dogs and not to crazy dogs as our Kato is. :)



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