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            Breed: TRD               
  Sex: Male  
       Age: 4 months
Tetoo / Chip: No / Yes        
Place: Ostrava-Poruba

Ares lost to owner during car accident on thursday 22.11. at night . It happened in Ostrava Poruba, 

On saturday 24.11. morning Ares was found and he is already at home.



Breed: TRD   
Sex: Pes
          Age: 4 years     
Tetoo / chip: Yes / ?         
       Place: Prague      

Endy is very moody 4 years old TRD with pedigree. He is attending the training course regularly and he has exams in obedience.

Owner decided to keep Endy, because he is part of family.



Breed: crossbred TRD  
Sex: Male             
Age: 3 years          
Tetoo / chip: No / Yes                      
                                Place: KrkonoŇ°e (CZ)                                  

Dan is 3 years old crossbred TRD. Vaccinated, chipped, dog si very obedient, well-behaved, loving people and children. Suitable for agility, or any mischief. For the second time he is at the shelter. Owner had to give him out, because he chosed badly, it's an older man, and Dan is very active for him. Dan will be your a loyal dog friend..

Dan found owners what he needed,
He lives now with new family in Krkonose and owners are very satisfied with him.