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Pages are dedicated to Thailand ridgeback and their crossbreds, who are looking for a new home.


"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own,
               having a dog makes you rich."                                                 Louis Sabin

Sometimes is the dog man's friend only until time than the dog stops to entertain a man. :(


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Who need new home?


Pongi looking for new home

18/01/2013 08:56
 Pongi -  5 years old TRD looking for new home  

Daky looking for new home

08/01/2013 21:43
 Daky -  17 months old Thai Ridgeback looking for new home  

CANDY crossed rainbow bridge

08/01/2013 21:41
CANDY -     We are sorry to tell you, that Candy left us on friday 4.1.2013...
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